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Lifestyle - Wedding Photography
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Commercial - Interior Photography
Lifestyle - Wedding Photography
Commercial - Interior Photography
Commercial - Exterior Photography
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Commercial - Interior Photography
Commercial - Exterior Photography
Commercial - Product Photography

Professional South African Photographers

We are two professional photographers with over twenty years of experience between the two of us and are based in Nelspruit Mpumalanga. Who specialise in Commercial photography, Architectural photography, Interior photography, Product photography, Wedding photography, Family photography, Events photography, Wildlife photography & Landscape photography. Our photos are in hi-resolution digital format of superior quality and exceptional standards.

We are travel friendly and can be available for photography throughout South Africa

Exterior Photography


Specialising in the hospitality industry including hotels, guest houses & lodges, bed & breakfasts and restaurants. We photograph upmarket and unique properties for portfolios including architects, estate agents, corporates and agencies.

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Interior Photography


The art of interior photography is a challenge that needs to be mastered. Getting the true balance of light to portray the area as it is in reality, is our passion and forté. These elements guarantee perfect photos for use by architects, estate and advertising agents, the hospitality industry as well as corporates.

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Product Photography


Ranging from beautifully hand crafted items of art to the harsh hostile environment of industry or the sheer magnificance of the beautiful forests and nature. We specialize in Business On Location Photography.

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Food Photography


Spontaneous "as seen" photos are taken to capture and to portray the true style and realistic image of the creator. From plates of perfectly presented food, to delicious handmade chocolates for any occasion or wonderful works of unique art beautifully created and lovingly crafted.

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Business Events Photography


Trade shows, Exhibitions, Awards, Conventions, and Celebrations. Your marketing department will love you for providing quality imagery.

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Wedding Photography

Lifestyle - Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY

For us, weddings are about people and the moments they share with friends and family on their wedding day. We are inspired by those moments and make authentic photographs that represent the experience of the day and also the personalities of our couples.
We are based in Nelspruit and are available throughout South Africa for weddings.

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Family Events Photography


We specialize in fun, relaxed and creative photo sessions for your family, your children, your friends, your reunion, your high school senior, birthday parties, day in the life of, or any type of photography you desire for your family.
We do not have a studio and can unfortunately not accommodate you with any studio photo shoots.

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Wildlife Photography


Wildlife Photography will always be one of our passions. Your studio is the world outside your door and the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives. Lighting comes courtesy of whatever is available, sun, sky, cloud, stormy or rain.

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Travel Photography


Travel Photography is also high on our list of favourite shoots. Capturing landmarks and attractions, heritage sights and landscapes, we are surrounded by a spectacular endless canvas of natural and man made beauty – travel photographers have access to it all.

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